Lets look at some facts!


of customers want the ability to solve product or service issues on their own


of customers prefer to use a company's website, instead of social media, SMS and live chat for support


of people expect companies to have an online self-service support portal

So if you don’t have one, what can it possibly lead to?

Unhappy Customers
High cost to business ( Mail, Live chat, Call )
High people dependency
Possibility of Churns
No knowledge centralisation
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Why Dewstack ?

One Platform. Many Use Cases.

Product Docs

Make beautiful Product Docs for your users and increase the product understanding

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Knowledge Bases

Build self service knowledge bases for your end users and reduce support tickets

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User Manuals

Build amazing User Manuals quickly and let your users help themselves instantly

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Make FAQs quickly and let your users get answers to common questions

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Build and maintain Changelogs. Let your users always know what features/fixes have been released

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Or Something Else

Dewstack is a flexible platform with which you can build any kind of documentation

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Powerful Editor

  • Rich Embeds
  • Track changes
  • Word, Excel & HTML paste
  • Beautiful call-outs
  • Markdown Support
  • Shortcuts
  • And lot more

Easy to use

  • Drag-drop for seamless ordering
  • Templates to get started quickly
  • Auto save content
  • Powerful advanced search
  • Nested page support
  • Full screen editing experience
  • Team Support with roles & permissions
  • Shortcuts
  • And lot more

Simple Hosting

  • Free Dewstack sub-domain
  • Custom domain
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Private access

Highly Customisable

  • DIY with preview
  • Custom branding
  • Multiple Themes
  • Landing Page
  • Multi-language
  • Workspace SEO
  • Sections enable/disable
  • And lot more

And One More thing..

Embed shareable content from 30+ platforms

Let your users consume your content from other platforms live within your documentation.

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And Many More.

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